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Deceased Estate Shares

Being a good shareholder is about more than just managing assets – it’s about ensuring a smooth transition if your family will be managing deceased estate shares. I’m excited to be partnering with Jon Moses, a specialist deceased estate stockbroker (and great human), from JM Invest. I asked Jon what it takes to be a good dead shareholder and he didn’t just answer the questions, he came through with all the information. If you’d like […]

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Expectations of Estate Administration Vs Reality

When I talk to people about their expectations around estate administration I take the time to explain that managing a deceased estate is an honour, but it also has the potential to be hard (not always but sometimes). Like having a baby or getting married or deciding to retire and spend all day with your beloved – nobody wants to tell you it might be difficult beforehand or you wouldn’t sign up for it. Managing

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Information For A Death Certificate

When completing the paperwork for a death certificate an innocent mistake, oversight, or incorrect information can have bigger consequences than you may think. When someone dies in South Australia, the funeral director will normally register their death with Births, Deaths and Marriages on behalf of the person’s family or friends. Deaths need to be registered within seven days of burial or cremation. And applications can take up to eight weeks to be processed. As a

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Leaving A Death Letter Isn’t Brave

Using your will to name, shame or punish people who haven’t lived up to your expectations during your lifetime is cruel, heartless, and more often than not punishes the people you’re trying to reward as much as those you’re trying to write out. Even if you write a letter explaining why. There aren’t many people who manage to slide through life without receiving at least one Dear John letter (if your name is actually John

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Writing a Great Eulogy

Writing a great eulogy or memorial speech can feel overwhelming and full of pressure. But before you launch into a CV that covers birth to death and everything in between we got together with a professional writer to share a few tips on writing a big hearted, memorable speech or eulogy. “Stories are the most powerful way to share values, connections and the personality of your person…” There’s nothing quite like the feeling of leaving

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Including Gifts To Charity In Your Will

Leaving a gift to charity in your will in the form of a bequest or donation is a powerful way to make a positive difference to a cause you believe strongly in. But is it as simple as simply writing your gift in your will? And would you gift be more valuable if it was given whilst you’re still alive? “Do you want to look like a hero after you’re dead? Or be a hero

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Sole Trader Estate Planning

When you’re a Sole Trader it can feel impossible to separate yourself from your job. What most Sole Traders don’t realise is when it comes to the law, you and your job are entirely inseparable. When it comes to the law there is no distinction between you and your sole trader business. Being a sole trader offers tens of thousands of Australians the opportunity to build, own and grow their own business without the costs

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Including Collectibles In Your Estate Plan

When it comes to including collectibles in your estate plan, not all collections are created equal. Whilst your vintage Kewpie dolls, hand painted tea cups, expansive tool, or antique kettle collection may be deeply sentimental, more financially valuable collectibles such as artwork, precious metals, stamps and coins can be some of the toughest assets to pass on to your beneficiaries. “I’ve never met anyone yet who isn’t deeply emotionally connected to their collections.” Over the

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