Business Estate Planning

Deceased Estate Shares

Being a good shareholder is about more than just managing assets – it’s about ensuring a smooth transition if your family will be managing deceased estate shares. I’m excited to be partnering with Jon Moses, a specialist deceased estate stockbroker (and great human), from JM Invest. I asked Jon what it takes to be a good dead shareholder and he didn’t just answer the questions, he came through with all the information. If you’d like […]

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Business Succession Planning

As a business owner, farmer’s wife, and farmer’s daughter I understand how difficult it is to separate the business from the person – the years of hard work, financial investment, and emotional commitment make it particularly hard to imagine there being a day where your business and life aren’t extricably linked. Unfortunately many business owners die or become incapacitated without ever getting around to formally addressing the succession of their business. Just as most entrepreneurs

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Estate Planning For Companies

As a business owner it’s vital you adequately plan for the future of your business and that means making sure your assets and operations are looked after if you become unwell, have an accident or die. Estate planning isn’t a nice to have for business owners. It’s an essential piece of equipment in your business tool chest. Let me tell you a story that’s true. On the 2nd January 2020 the unimaginable happened to the

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Sole Trader Estate Planning

When you’re a Sole Trader it can feel impossible to separate yourself from your job. What most Sole Traders don’t realise is when it comes to the law, you and your job are entirely inseparable. When it comes to the law there is no distinction between you and your sole trader business. Being a sole trader offers tens of thousands of Australians the opportunity to build, own and grow their own business without the costs

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