Estate Disputes

Supporting families to resolve estate disputes with the minimum of stress

My aim is to save families from getting into estate disputes: by supporting you to have the right conversations and make sound plans early on.

However, sometimes troubles can’t be avoided, so I also provide legal support and representation to executors, beneficiaries and other parties in the event of a dispute.

Most estate applications must be made within six months of probate or letters of administration being granted, which means time is of the essence in relation to estate disputes. If you feel like something isn’t right, please seek legal advice as soon as possible.

YEL Estate Disputes


Invalid Wills

An application can be made to rectify the will if you think there is something wrong with it. Common concerns about wills can include:

  • The will does not accurately reflect the wishes of the deceased
  • The will is not the last will made by the deceased
  • The will has been revoked
  • The will was not signed by the deceased
  • The deceased did not understand the contents of the will
  • The deceased did not have the requisite mental capacity needed to make a will; or
  • The deceased made the will under undue influence or suspicious circumstances.

Inadequate Provision

If a family member or dependant feels they have been left out of (or not adequately taken care of) by the deceased’s estate, they may be able to make a claim to the Supreme Court of South Australia for a larger share.

Fiona has made this process so easy

Tracy, Henley Beach

Fiona has made this process so easy. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough, making sure all aspects were addressed. 

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