The Perfect Time For Estate Planning

Estate Planning with kindness and compassion

When it comes to estate planning, done is better than perfect.

If you’re anything like me, perfectionism can stop you from getting things done.  Getting your roots touched up, folding your laundry, getting that box of stuff out of your boot and into the op shop - and of course top of most people's list - getting your will done.

For years I'd dreamed about starting my own business but perfectionism held me back. I told myself it wasn't the right time. That the kids were too young. That I was too old. That I didn't have all the skills I thought I needed.

It's so easy to find excuses for not doing important things, because they scare us!

Looking back I can see that nothing ever needs to be perfect to start and you don't need to have all the answers before you jump in.

Just as I hired experts to help get my business off the ground, you need an expert for your estate planning. Building a business that practices in estate law means I’m 100% focused on helping you do death better by creating estate plans and managing deceased estates in a way that looks after the living.

When I started Your Estate Lawyer I hired an expert to draft my business plan. An estate plan is the same - it sets out your purpose, plans and goals to safeguard your family’s future. Together we’ll explore the best way to look after your financial, health and lifestyle choices.

Just as in my own business I can do things my way - subject to the laws - you can do the same with your will. You get to make choices about your funeral arrangements, young children, pets and your property following your death. I can tell you if your wishes are in alignment with the law and we can adjust them where needed.

People often tell me that it’s scary talking about death. I get that.

I think that dentists are scary too but I still go every year. There are lots of things that cause death, but talking about it isn’t one of them!

Please don’t let fear or perfection get in the way of doing the important things on your To Do List.

We’re all just walking each other home – Ram Dass

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