Getting Started

How long has your will been on your to-do list? If you’re anything like most of us it's probably somewhere near the bottom of the list along with repainting the bathroom ceiling and worming the cat.

My seven-step process makes it easy for you to tick, “Sort Wills” off your list. Less so the bathroom and the cat, but it’s good to start somewhere.

Step One - Get in touch

Make an appointment by phone, email or online chat.

We will book a time - daytime or evening - that is convenient for you. No need to take time off work or find a babysitter.

Your Estate Planning Meeting can be held at my office in Nairne, at your workplace, in a public place or in your own home. Whatever suits you best. We can even hold your Estate Planning Meeting via video conferencing if you prefer.

Step Two - Estate Planning Meeting

This is where you get to tell me about your world and the things that matter to you. And I help you to create a plan that takes good care of these things.

I will help you to understand your options and support you to make watertight estate-planning decisions which reflect your wishes.

Step Three - Get an upfront quote

At the end of your Estate Planning Meeting I will provide a quote for my services, based on your needs.

People often worry about lawyers’ fees, concerned that they might escalate out of control. This is why I do things differently. To give you transparency and peace of mind I provide an upfront quote at our first meeting, once I have a full understanding of your estate planning needs. This is a fixed fee which means no surprise add-ons or hidden costs.  To give you a rough idea, an uncomplicated will for a single person starts at around $440.

You are not obligated to accept my quote and you may choose not to go any further with your estate planning at this time.

Step Four - Document Preparation

I prepare your customised wills and other estate planning documents based on your wishes.

Step Five - Document Approval

You get to review your draft estate planning documents online, so that you can approve them before our next meeting.

Step Six - Signatures 

We will make arrangements to get your wills and other estate planning documents signed and witnessed.

At this time you will be able to pay your fee via my online payment system.

Step Seven - Storage

We organise storage of your documents: either in a safe place at home or in my safe at no extra cost.

Peace of mind for the future

Sharon, Uraidla

Because of Fiona’s time, efforts, kindness and thoughtfulness I am now in a position to have peace of mind for the future. 

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